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On the occasion of the Greek Revolution of 1821 bicentennial, it is worth carefully examining both the achievements of Greece during these past 200 years, but also the challenges and difficulties that the country has encountered during the course of its history. This year Greece is celebrating the Revolution, but at the same time it also marks 200 years of economic survival, making the debate on public debt and lending crucial in relation to the lessons from the past, the present strategies and the vision for the future.

The Economist Events are pleased to announce the organization of a virtual event on "GREECE: 200 YEARS OF ECONOMIC SURVIVAL" scheduled to take place on April 8th, 2021, providing the background for an open dialogue on interesting aspects of Greece’s contemporary economic and banking history, with useful comparisons and parallelisms between the past and the present during a period of contemplation, especially now in the vortex of the covid-19 pandemic.

Topics to be discussed include:

• 200 years of contemporary Greece
• Greece is celebrating an anniversary. With a sustainable debt?
• Greek public debt: a tale of two centuries
• Business and investment against the backdrop of a high fiscal debt
• 2009 – 2015: The story of dealing with greece’s debt and bail-out
• Greece’ s self reflection: failures of the past, lessons for the future


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